Friday, May 20, 2011

We're all excited! It's been a wonderful few weeks with several Columbia College visitors. Nicole Hill and Laura Miller, students, are completing a practicum at the American School of Ulaanbaatar. They were accompanied by Dr. Mary Steppling, who recently returned home and was replaced by Mrs. Susanne Brown and her husband, Mac. Dr. Caroline Whitson and her husband, Turner, were here right in the middle of all that excitement.

The highlight, as far as CC is concerned, was the signing of an agreement between CC and the Mongolian State University of Education for a five-year term of cooperation, shared research, and exchange of both faculty and students. This means that, among other activities, 6 - 8 of my Mongolian colleagues will travel to Columbia next June for 2 weeks filled with English practice, teaching collaboration and lots of fun.....I'm so excited!

Of course, my colleagues at the Teacher's School are excited, too.

The formal post signing picture.

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