Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to the Naadam horse races. I left home at 6am to catch the bus to the site. Here, Oyunsuren, Munkhshur and I are ready to work at Culture Nadaam.

Families from all over Mongolia come to UB for the races. They erect their gers and ready for the race.

There were three races this day, each for a different age horse. All riders are children, 3 - 11 years old! The races were between 22 and 35 KM.

First place winner in the first race.

The site was full of people, horses, kites in the sky and lots of khushuur and airag!

Culture Naadam is a wonderful addition to the races. We had traditional music, modern dance, and other performances. People could try archery, felt making, calligraphy, folklore and traditional art. An art installation of pinwheels was also there. A good time was had by home around 9pm....

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  1. Hello Lynne Noble,
    It's Munkhshur.
    I found the picture I standying next to you from google. It came up when I wrote my name on Image section. Glad I found your blog. I would like to contact with you. I am studying in Chicago. I have been here for a year. Last summer I went to the Culture Naadam again, the festival went well. I think it's getting bigger. Please send me an email.
    Munkhshur Enkhbold