Friday, April 27, 2012

I thought I would walk you through a week of my teaching / classes. All classes are 90 minutes.  Monday morning:  my Child Development Lecture....usually about 80-90 students.  There are more students on the right....You'll notice Odgerel translating! 

Monday afternoon:  my AA Pedagogy class.  Here they are working in groups on their Inquiry questions / activities for a unit on Pollution.

Tuesday morning:  my Special Education class.  They have just received their assigned "students for inclusion" assignment.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  My English class for my colleagues.  Left to right, Amaraa, Bayarchimeg, Oyunaa and Magcar.

Naraa and Hishge have joined the group and they are playing Phrasal Verb Concentration!

Thursday afternoon:  My first English 4 class.  This is just before the big exam - they are still happy!!!!!
Followed by my second English 4 class.  They are in the middle of their exam.
Followed by my AB Pedagogy class.  They are also working on the Pollution Inquiry unit.  Then, I have my English class for my colleagues....this is six straight hours of teaching!

Friday morning:  My Child Development Seminar.  This is one-third of the students in the Lecture.....Byamba teaches the other two seminar groups.  I think mine are the best!

We had watched the movie, Babies, and they are working in groups to describe the differences and the similarities between the babies, and then to create a systems diagram, ala Bronfenbrenner, on one of the babies.

My last class of the week.  Another section of Special Education.

Of course, from time to time there are other groups arriving at the Teacher's School for courses.  We have had two groups of Six-Weekers, and at the end of March, 500 teachers arrived for five days of in-service.  There are a lot of preparations and a lot of students!  Makes for a busy week....

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