Monday, May 21, 2012

It was a lovely Sunday spring morning, and Amaraa, Bayaraa and I set out on a walk around UB.  Very few cars, few people, early morning cleaners and a clear sky made for a great start.  The first stop - I got a haircut. 
You can see the green!  Several lovely parks are blooming and are inviting places to sit.
And, the children enjoy the playgrounds.  Below, a woman brought her pet rabbit out to enjoy the weather.  Can you find him?  He's just above the cage, in what appears to be a triangle of wood.
We stopped at a wonderful cafe and enjoyed a sweet snack.
On the way back to the college, we strolled across the Square.  It was tax day on the mall!  All sorts of agencies set up to help people understand and plan their taxes.

.  I do have to say that today, Monday, it was cold, gray, and I walked home tonight in the snow!  May in Mongolia!

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