Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh yes, I also teach! Actually, this week, I taught six classes. I have taught Piaget, Erikson, Gardner, Bloom, the learning process, lesson planning and some English classes. I generally teach each course two or three (sometimes more) times. I have been using some power point. Odgerel and I take our equipment, including the screen, to the classroom when we use it.
To the left and below is a math methods course where I used no bake cookies as a demonstration for how to use cooking in the classroom. I am most interested in modeling ways to involve and engage students - notice the group work and presentations. Odgerel is my main interpreter, Nara and Amaraa have also interpreted for me. We all work well together.

Five hundred and thirty - 530 - in-service teachers arrived on campus on Wednesday for a five-day program. I taught this group twice.

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