Sunday, March 6, 2011

UB is surrounded with mountains, and in the past few years, groups have been developing some ski areas. Sunday, I went to Sky Resort with Odgerel, her daughter, her grandson - Emu (4), and her daughter's boss, a very nice man from Japan. We had a lovely day. Odgerel's daughter practiced her snow boarding, and Idia and Emu skiied. Odgerel and I walked to the top of the slope on one side of the chair lift, and down the slope on the other side....and spent some time going up and down the bunny hill with Emu in the afternoon. We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at the Seoul Restaurant - sushi all around. What a nice day - out of the city - clear air, lots of sun, and a good bit of exercise.

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  1. This is so neat, Dr. Noble!! I got to visit a school when I went to China with a friend. A family friend of hers taught English to some kids on Saturday, and she got me to quiz them on their colors. I know you are having a wonderful experience, and I'm so glad CC sent out a link to your blog!!