Monday, April 18, 2011

As I post this blog, it is 72 degrees outside (6:30pm)! Wonderful weather lately. Rick (husband) has arrived, so a good bit of time has been spent taking him places. We did see the Fine Art Museum and the Choijin Lama Monastery - no pics allowed. We also attended the Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle) Orchestra - amazingly beautiful instruments - artistically and musically. This was a real treat. On Sunday, a whole group from my department plus friends and children, went to Zaisan - a hill south of UB with a monument built by the Russians at the top. We climbed 292 steps to get to the top and the views are worth every step. BTW...I have a huge bag under my coat...I'm not gaining weight! Then we went out to the Chinggis Khan monument - I have been there, but no one else had...He is still very big and very shiny! We ended the day at a Korean restaurant.

And then, on Monday afternoon, our friend Nara arranged for us to go to Gandan Monastery, where her cousin is a monk. We had a guided tour of the large and active hilltop monastery - got to go "behind the scenes" in a few temples.

UB continues to be full of surprises and wonderful people.

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