Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I was invited to go to Dornod Aimag to speak at the Dornod Institute. Dornod is the easternmost aimag / province in Mongolia, and the Institute is affiliated with the Teacher's School. So, of course, I said, "Yes!"

After being picked up at the airport, we went to this memorial to Russian pilots who were killed in the war with Japan. The hill offers a view of Choibalsan, the main city in Dornod. The memorial contains the names of the pilots, and they are, in fact, buried at the base of the hill.

I was greeted by Ariunaa, the Director of the Training Division; Sugi, the Senior Specialist in the Training Division; and the Head of the Math Department.

Batsetseg is an English teacher, provided translation along with Sugi, and gave me a walking tour of the city.

We worked two very full days! Lots of information, but an incredibly attentive audience. Of course, I made them work!!!!

Two highlights in the city are the Youth Park, and the Wrestling Palace. The only other Wrestling Palace in Mongolia is in UB.

On Tuesday evening, after a quick dinner, Odmandakh, the Director of the Institute, took me to the archery park. He is an avid archer, and his group was preparing for a competition. He posed with a now 73-year-old women who is a three-time Mongolian archery champion. She is still sharing her skills with the next generation.

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