Thursday, June 30, 2011

We went on a picnic! Many colleagues (who are still in town) went just outside UB to a beautiful site to enjoy a relaxing day by the Tuul River.

It is a swiftly flowing river, providing music, as well as a refreshing treat for the toes.

We started with sausage and pickle sandwiches, along with chips and other goodies. This was followed by hot milk tea (brewed on site) along with a buttery / creamy spread made from the best milk, and soft and delicious bread.

The men did the heavy cooking. First, we had meat, potatoes and onions that were cooked using hot rocks. The rocks then were brought to us to quickly flip back and forth (they were really hot) from one hand to another - this is for our health.

This was followed by a round of delicious BBQ, kebab-like meat on skewers.

On the way back we stopped at the Mongolia Hotel, an impressive compound of hotel, gers, lots of space - right down to the beach and river. In the lobby is are statues of the Khans, and a tableau of a battle.

Enkhtsetseg and me.

These men are practicing for Naadam - they are wrestlers.

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