Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Tsagaan Sar - Lunar New Year. I was invited to many friends' homes for traditional visiting and had a wonderful time. The University established greeting day on the third day of Tsagaan Sar. There are many rituals and protocols involved. You will notice I am in my deel, and that I am seated. Greeting is by age - eldest first, so I'm seated and very near the head of the line!

Bottz are the traditional New Year food - every meal! They are usually regular pastry white, but our new Home Ec teacher managed to dye them for our greeting. What looked like a plate of Easter Eggs turned out to be delicious bottz.

I am standing with our Director, Enkhtsetsg (to my right) and Tsotsog, a teacher in our department.

After greeting in our building and departments, we went to the Main Building to greet the President and other administrative officials.

As if all the celebration around Tsagaan Sar weren't enough, my colleague Oyuntungalag had a birthday! I was invited to a wonderful dinner to celebrate this special day. Anu, her daughter, is a possible future Columbia College woman!

Well, I am expecting an unexpected adventure this weekend - perhaps there will be an interesting post early next week.....

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