Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, I'm back in UB. First surprise, I was met at the airport by 7 colleagues (it was nearly midnight). I have a cozy apartment in The Teacher's Dorm. Second surprise, the school got a facelift and a new statue of two children reading a poem about teachers out front. Third surprise, I am teaching 12 classes, each 90 minutes, each week. It is good to be working here again.

Rick and I have been raising funds to establish a book ger in UB - a place where children can come and have access to books, toys, paper, crayons - stuff kids like, and need.

Thanks to generous friends and family, we were able to fund a new book ger in the northwestern part of UB. This district is especially poor. Many of the children who come to the book ger are street children, and several others live in gers with little heat. Parents can bring their children to enjoy a little heat and a lot of fun.

The book ger was very busy with children, volunteers and parents. There is a nice plaque on the outside of the building that says Lynne and Friends. And, by the way, we're working to raise money for another one! Join us.....


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  2. Pretty cool for Mongolia.
    Why don't you post your story on Facebook, more popular?