Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doris Layton, my friend and Columbia College colleague came to visit me in UB for a week. We put her right to work! She shared her expertise in Divergent Learning with our faculty, with pedagogy classes, and helped out with English 4 classes, too.

Of course, we also had time for visiting museums, monasteries and silk shops!

We took a weekend trip to the countryside where we circled the ovoo three times, petted the reindeer, and Doris had her first camel ride....all was well until he unexpectedly went down! A bit of a surprise, as you can tell.

We visited a nomad family and happened upon a four-day-old calf - it is spring! We also visited the Chinggis Khaan monument and the Meditation Center. While I had been there before, this time we were able to go inside. An amazing and informative place. And, as it is quite a ways up the mountain, magnificent views all around.

We stayed at the Guru Ger Camp, and just before dinner, were able to don the King and Queen regalia! We packed a lot into a week - work, lots of fun and a good bit of new information!
Once again, I am stymied by the difference in how I compose the post, and how it actually publishes! But again, I know you'll be able to match up the pictures with the narrative.
An invitation: Would you like to visit? I am most happy to introduce anyone who is interested to the beauty and wonderment of Mongolia.....just let me know.

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