Wednesday, February 2, 2011

These are students of the American School of Ulaanbaatar (ASU). It was National Dress Day, so many students came costumed in their country or regional dress. Obviously there were as cute as they could be.

These are students from Mongolian School 60. ASU has formed a partnership with this school and has supplied materials and equipment. The Mongolian School came to give a performance as a thank-you. It was amazing. The students danced and sang, and they were incredibly talented and poised. It was fascinating and kept everyone's attention for 70 minutes! Including the little ones!

ASU was founded five years ago by a group of citizens who were interested in having Mongolian children attend a school where English was the language of instruction. They wanted their children prepared to attend American colleges and universities. The school is steadily growing, currently serving 420 students. The majority of students are Mongolian, the next largest group of children are Korean, and there are about six or seven additional nationalities represented. The school spans from kindergarten through 12th grade, has a dedicated and skilled faculty and an outstanding principal, Kristina Nefstead. It is located south of the city and is nestled against the foot of the mountains - as I looked out Kristina's window, there was the mountain, dusted with snow and with Mongolian wild horses grazing!

We have two courageous and committed students, Nicole Hill and Laura Miller, who will be coming to Mongolia in May to complete one of their teaching clinical experiences. Nicole will be in the kindergarten and Laura will teach in the second grade

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