Friday, February 25, 2011

What a week! Besides the usual work, on Thursday, the director of the math department, Macsar, and his family - wife Byemba, son Oogii and his girlfriend Duugi - took me out in the countryside. We had a camel ride - then climbed Turtle Rock - then had a lovely lunch - then rode the horses. It was a wonderful day - new adventures and new friends. Then, on Saturday, I had a felting show most of the steps - my fabulous teacher (she has some knitting for sale in the shop at the Louvre!) will be teaching me to spin, and to quilt my felting. So much work - so much fun!


  1. I must say that riding a camel in Mongolia is pretty awesome. You can check that off of your bucket list.

  2. Dr. Noble it looks like you're having a blast over there! Sending thoughts from the states :)